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Nice tap water at home

Enjoying a nice glass of tap water at home: sustainable and much cheaper

Water is the source of all life, and drinking enough water is one of the basic elements for good health. Moreover, water is the only drink that just comes to your home through the water mains. You must be crazy to buy bottled water. No more dragging bottles and crates, done with returning empty bottles or filling your waste bin with plastic bottles. Also financially, choosing for Robinetto is good business: tap water only costs € 0.005 per litre, which makes it up to 200 times (!) cheaper than bottled water.

Tap water is a quality product

Just to be clear: the water that comes out of the tap at home is just as good as bottled water.

You’ll find an answer to all your water questions here.

To the answers

Tips to go Robinetto at home all the way

Preparing your water for serving: simple!

Water companies and the government regularly check the water supply.
To keep the water clean, they add a low dose of chlorine. This small amount of residual chlorine is not unhealthy, but can cause a faint chlorine odour or taste. It will disappear if you leave your glass or carafe of water to stand for a while before you drink it. You can also put your water jug in the fridge for some time or add a drop of lemon juice to the water.

The perfect glass

The eye also wants something, and a quality drink deserves to be drunk stylishly. Try it out for yourself: it is simply nicer and better to drink water from a beautiful glass.


A divine drink deserves divine treatment: with an ice cube, a slice of lemon or a mint leaf, your can make your glass of water even more attractive and tasty.

Make your own lemonade

By mixing water and syrup, you can easily make your own lemonade. And if you want to go all the way, put bubbles in the water. More about that below.
Make sparkling water at home? You can do it!

Make sparkling water at home? You can do it!

If you add Co2 to your tap water, you can make sparkling water yourself. You need a device to carbonize water.

Manual systems

Sodastream - the well-known machines for making sparkling water at home and Aarke - the lesser known but particularly stylish variant

Automatic systems

The real enthusiasts can come to us for a small professional water tap that you can place on your kitchen counter or build into it. You’ll have permanently cooled still and sparkling tap water, also at your home.

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The well-known faucet brand Grohe also offers a built-in system for still and sparkling water. Quooker now also integrated into its boiling water system an option to tap sparkling water.