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Water bottles for you and your family

We Belgians drink 126 litres of bottled water per person per year. In all, we use more than 2.5 billion of disposable packages every year. So we throw away more than 100,000 bottles and cans per hour! One of the things to do about this is to stop buying disposable bottles. By filling your own reusable water bottle with high-quality tap water, you not only save the packaging, but also the many miles of transport that go with it. On top of that, a reusable water bottle is more robust and more stylish than a plastic bottle, and it is healthier too. Take your bottle with you on a trip, to school, to the sports club and to work, it is your bottle in your style. Below you will find some sustainable brands that are now available in many stores.


This Dutch brand wants a world without disposable plastic and clean, drinkable water for everyone.

Dopper tries to make that dream come true with the well-known drinking bottles, the Dopper Foundation, and by supporting water projects worldwide. The Dopper bottles are also stylish and colourful! For hot or just ice cold water, there are also insulated versions. And you can also have your name or logo printed on your Dopper!

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