The 10 most sustainable sports stadiums in the world

Ranking made by Globelet, an Australian supplier of reusable cups

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KRNWTR, Robinetto’s ally in the Netherlands

KRNWTR is a social enterprise. Founded in 2010 by two friends who were annoyed by plastic waste.

By turning tap water into a friendly brand, they reduce the burden on our environment.

Because more tap water means less water sourcing, less production of plastic packaging, less transport, less cooling and less waste.

To the website of KRNWTR

Aqua Flanders

In Flanders, our water network, water purification and quality control is in the hands of 6 water companies. These water companies are intermunicipal companies, united in Aqua Flanders. Intermunicipal companies are associations of two or more municipalities with the aim of achieving tasks of common interest.

To Aqua Flanders (Flemish website)