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Tap water dispenser for events

A tap water dispenser at your event: easy and sustainable

Whether you organize a festival, a garden party, a conference or a business event, with a tap water dispenser you serve nicely chilled still and sparkling water. You save space in your cooling, you no longer need to drag bottles, ànd you do a good service to the environment. You never have to worry about orders again: with a tap water dispenser, water keeps flowing towards you, endlessly, and it is always pure and great tasting. You can contact us to rent one or more tap water dispensers, for one or more days. Ask for a quote here.


What you win with a tap water dispenser at your event

Buying water becomes a lot cheaper

For bottled water you pay around € 0.20 to € 0.30 per glass, whereas tap water costs approximately € 0.0012 (yes, you read that correctly, tap water is almost 30 % cheaper per glass than bottled water). If you ask your visitors a fair price for still or sparkling water (you can read more about that fair price below), you can therefore keep your profit margin intact, and earn back the rent for your tap water dispenser.

(Nearly) Free water for your employees

And it gets even better: install a tap water dispenser for your employees, from the start of the construction to the end of your event. You need not buy bottled water anymore. A nice saving on your budget.

Extra space in your cooling for other drinks

Because you no longer have to put bottles of water in your fridge, space is created for other drinks. Thanks to your tap water dispenser, you can expand your range of drinks, or simply make your cooling smaller.

Serving tap water at your event?

What is a fair price for tapped water? Is tap water really as good as bottled water? Do I have to filter that water, and how does that work?

Read the answer to all your water questions here

Make your own lemonade with a tap water dispenser

Did you know that soft drinks consist of more than 80 %… water? Making your own lemonade is very easy: you take a portion of syrup, mix it with sparkling water, and you’re done. With syrups and a tap water dispenser at your event, you can ensure sustainable soft drinks. Not only practical, but very tasty too. In addition to the traditional syrups (elderflower, berries, ice tea..) there is also ginger, cranberry rosehip, rhubarb and many more… Read more about syrups here.

Choosing a tap water dispenser is choosing reusable cups and bottles.

If you choose for a tap water dispenser at your event, you save packaging and transport of water. And you can serve your drinks completely waste-free. With glasses or reusable cups for your visitors, and reusable bottles for your employees, you ensure a stylish event. More information about reusable cups can be found here, and those who want to know more about reusable bottles can go here.