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Tap water dispenser for the catering industry

A tap water dispenser in your catering business: practical ánd sustainable.

With a tap water dispenser, you serve nice, fresh, still and sparkling water to your customers. You save space in your cooling, do not have to drag bottles, ánd you do a good service to the environment.

There are tap water dispenser in all sizes and types: you can opt for a standalone device that you can place on your counter or countertop, or for a built-in water column on your counter. Take a look at our models here.

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What you win because of a tap water dispenser in your catering business

Buying water becomes a lot cheaper

For bottled water you pay around € 0.20 to € 0.30 per glass, whereas tap water costs approximately € 0.0012 (yes, you read that correctly, tap water is almost 30 cent cheaper per glass than bottled water). If you ask your visitors a fair price for still or sparkling water (you can read more about that fair price below), you can therefore keep your profit margin intact, and earn back the rent for your tap water dispenser.

(almost) Free water for your employees

If your employees drink water now, it will cost you up to € 0.30 per glass. The water from the tap water dispenser is many times cheaper, so that way you earn back your investment.

Make your own lemonade

You can also make soft drinks with your tap water dispenser. By mixing tapped water with syrup, you make lemonade yourself, and it will take up less space. No more dragging bottles, filling crates and sorting empty goods.

No more hauling bottles, crates, filling fridges

Thanks to your tap water dispenser, you no longer have to drag around with crates and bottles, no longer fill your fridges and you no longer have to worry about empty packages. This way you save on valuable working time, or you can invest time in other things.

More cooling space for other drinks

Because you no longer have to put bottles of water in your fridge, space is created for other drinks. Thanks to your tap water dispenser, you can expand your range of drinks, or simply make your cooling smaller.

Buying a customized tap water dispenser

We offer both standalone water taps and built-in models in various (cooling) capacities. All devices are suitable for both still water and sparkling water.

More info on tap water dispensers

Serving tap water in your catering business?

What is a fair price for tapped water? Is tap water really just as good as bottled water? Do I have to filter that water, and how does it work?

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