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Make your own lemonade

Here we teach you how to make syrup for lemonade yourself. You don’t have time or you don’t feel like it? Then you can of course also just buy syrups.

Making syrup yourself

With some nice fresh still or sparkling tap water and a little bit of creativity, you quickly put delicious self-brewed lemonade on the table, without having to pack, transport and unpack it first. The base The basics for your syrups are already at hand anyway! Take equal parts of water and sugar, for example 200 grammes of each, and bring to the boil until the sugar dissolves.  Let cool and you have a neutral basic syrup. Mix with water (1 part syrup for about 5 parts water), a splash of fruit juice, apple juice, lemon juice… Add a few ice cubes and your homemade syrup is ready!

Endlessly varying with flavours… However, if you want something completely different, add flavours to your syrup itself. Let it boil for a while, let it stand for a while (the longer, the stronger the taste!), sift everything and you obtain a nice, smooth syrup. For the recipes of wonderful flavours such as strawberry, black pepper, thyme or dandelion, click here or here. For one of the classics among syrups, elderflower syrup, click here. For thousands of other recipes, click here.

You’d rather not have sugar but make a sweet drink anyway? You can prepare honey syrup by adding 200 grammes of honey to a litre of water. You make stevia syrup by adding a teaspoon of powder or granules to 200 ml of water and adding more water if it is too sweet.